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Summer Vacation 2002

Click on the links below (they show up as underlined green on my system) to see some of the photos that we took with our little Kodak Digital camera. Click on any of the pictures to see the larger version with more detail. (Note,  I've resized all the larger photos to about 1/4 of the original size to keep the downloads smaller.  If anyone wants one of the original picture files <about 500k> please email me at steve@steve.nelson.name and tell me which picture you want).

Summer 2002 saw us taking our first serious road trip.  We traveled to North Dakota to help celebrate Sig & Marge's 65th wedding anniversary (Sig & Marge are my uncle and aunt on my father's side).  We drove from Texas to Kansas the first day, and South Dakota the next.  The third day we drove to Fargo ND, through ??? (where we saw the big buffalo from the road 2002 Summer Vacation_0327.JPG (243026 bytes)) and on to Bismark and to Sig & Marge's 'hilltop' home.

The anniversary celebration was at the school in Almont (my dad's hometown) and was attended by friends and family from all over the country.

On Monday, after all the celebrations and visiting, it was back on the road for a drive down to Mt Rushmore.  While there, we took a side trip to Custer State Park to see the wildlife.  There were LOTS of bison before we got to the actual park (the brochures said it had lots of wildlife), but once there, we saw very little additional wildlife.

After getting lost trying to take a shortcut (that always happens doesn't it), and almost having to drive through the 'Needles Highway' at night in a driving rainstorm, we left Rapid City heading for Colorado and Rock Mountain National Park.  On the way, we drove by (but didn't stop) the Crazy Horse Mountain carving 2002 Summer Vacation_0462.JPG (67992 bytes).  They've made some progress on the face since the last time I saw the mountain back in '82.

Arriving in Estes Park, we checked into the RiverView Pines resort.  Our first excursion was a 2 hour horseback ride into the park property from the National Park Village Stables (they don't have a web site!).  After our ride, we drove into the park, and up to the top of the mountains.

After leaving the park, we drove down the back side of the Rockies on our way to Colorado Springs.  Once there, we were too late to go to Pikes Peak, but it turned out that they were having time trials on the mountain that day in preparation for a race that weekend.  So, if we had tried to go there, we probably wouldn't have made it!

Leaving Colorado Springs, we went south, and then headed to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument.

Leaving the sand dunes, we drove to Clayton NM for the night (we'd planned on driving all the way to Amarillo that night, but it would have been about midnight before we got there, so we stopped a little early.  We had more rain showers along the road, and we drove by (but didn't stop) Capulin Mountain, a dormant volcano in northern New Mexico.


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