BlackBelt Tests
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Steve's First Degree Black Belt Test
13 December 2003

Well, I'm still at it, and this time I tested for my first degree!  All in all, this was a much easier test than the first one.  It helped that we (myself and the other black belts who were testing for advanced degrees) were judges for the candidates going for their black belts.  Did I say others?  There were about 8 of us black belts going for advanced degrees (or mid-terms on the way to another degree) and there were 9 or 10 candidates testing!  

Our portion of the testing (other than the push-ups and sit-ups) consisted of sparring with the candidates to wear them down for their match with Mr. Pahanish.  Of course, he was also critiquing our styles and techniques.  After the sparring, we had out forms tests.  To advance to the First Degree, we had to know 8 'Traditional' forms.  We'd actually practiced 9, and it was a good thing, as I messed up on one of my forms!  I've built a Word document for all 9 forms that is complete with diagrams, photos and video's.  If anyone would like a copy, let me know, and I'll either email it (if you've got a fast connection--the full directory is 94 Meg!) or burn you a CD.  Let me know at or    


Steve's Black Belt Test
27 February 2003

After 2 1/2 long years, I finally made it to my Black Belt!  Actually I never thought I'd stick it out this long, but it's been fun, and good exercise for me too.  Here's a word document that I put together to summarize my test .

And here are a bunch of photos that Cheryl and Alex took during the test.  I hope to have some video up here soon too.

Sparring 1.jpg (31154 bytes) Sparring 2.jpg (68615 bytes) Sparring 3.jpg (56724 bytes) Sparring 4.jpg (67348 bytes) Steve & Instructors.jpg (45480 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish 1.jpg (52181 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish 2.jpg (117575 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 1.jpg (57620 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 2.jpg (103039 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 3.jpg (44565 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 4.jpg (56318 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 5 (in mirror).jpg (42510 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 6.jpg (130500 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 7.jpg (131325 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 8 (in mirror).jpg (40908 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 9.jpg (99566 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 10.jpg (59823 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 11.jpg (95451 bytes) Steve & Mr Pahanish Sparring 12.jpg (88258 bytes) Steve & Mr Wright.jpg (77050 bytes) Steve & Taylor Self-Defence 1.jpg (23307 bytes) Steve & Taylor Self-Defence 2.jpg (92670 bytes) Steve & Taylor Sparring 1.jpg (151748 bytes) Steve & Taylor Sparring 2.jpg (77831 bytes) Steve & Taylor Sparring 3.jpg (164146 bytes)

And here are some video files in AVI format (they're quite large, and are video captures of an 8mm camcorder tape -- the quality isn't the best).

I've made a small music video of my Black Belt test that you might be interested in seeing.  I made it with the demo version of MuVee, so there is a MuVee splash right in the middle of the video, but you can see through it.  If I like the package (and it looks pretty good right now), I'll purchase it and get rid of the splash screen.

Left click the link below to play the video.
Steve's Black Belt Test Music Video (3.31 MB  3:07)

NOTE: Below are the file sizes and durations of the individual AVI files that I generated from the original video tape (using an OLD Snappy video capture device).  Due to the size of most of the videos, and the limited space on my web site, I haven't placed any of the videos on my site.  If you would like any of the them, please send me a note at: 

Push-Ups                              52.2 MB   6:45
Sit-Ups                                  24.1 MB   3:22
Self-Defense                        18.3 MB   2:21
Jai-Yu                                    5.77 MB   0:46 
Sparring 1 Logan1              13.3 MB   1:45
Sparring 2 Mark1                27.9 MB   3:29
Sparring 3 LeMasters1      18.8 MB   2:19
Sparring 4 Logan2             16.1 MB   2:04
Sparring 5 Taylor                19.8 MB   2:26
Sparring 6 Logan3             46.6 MB   5:43
Sparring 7 Mark2                 8.54 MB   1:06
Sparring 8 Mr. Wright          5.29 MB   0:40
Sparring 9 Mr. Pahanish    73.5 MB   8:53
Belt Awards                         14.4 MB   1:51