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Runescape Supertool
Scam Alert!

There's a program out there being sold on eBay that claims to be a RuneScape stats editor to let you increase your stats.  It's a scam!  When you run it, it allows you to pick whatever level of a bunch of stats that you'd like, and then it generates what it calls a 'script' that you're supposed to add your RuneScape username and password to, and then email it to someone in Australia I think, and they are then supposedly going to make sure that your stats get changed.  The only trouble is that the 'script' that is supposedly generated from your selections never changes, no matter what you select!  The only thing you're doing is giving away your username and password to some stranger somewhere!  Don't do it!!!

The program is called Runescape Supertool.  Here are some screen shots:

Here's the screen as it comes up when you start the program:

And, here's the 'script' that it generates.  Note the hex values:

Now, here's the screen with all the stats maxed out:

And, here's the 'script that is generated from the max stats.  Compare it to the original--No Difference!

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