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BigLeagueSchemes.Info is GONE!

If anyone's tried to pull up lately, you'll find it missing from the web!  Why?  It seems that some of the people involved with setting up the site, building the site, or adding comments(!) to the site were served with papers from a lawyer representing one of the 'Big' players in the project telling those persons to 'Cease and Desist' publishing untrue and inaccurate information (although, it appeared that the information they were referring to was on the citizen comment section -- where anyone could express their first amendment right to voice their opinion; including someone apparently with the city based on their views and knowlege).  'They' also demanded that we change the name, saying that bigleagueschemes was 'too similar' to one of the 'Big' players!

After about a week or two of trying to find out what exactly they were calling inaccurate and or untrue on any of the 'normal' pages on the site.  Word was received that a lawsuit was being filed, so the site was quickly and unceremoniously removed from the web.

To all the people who were using the comment section to voice their opinion, I'd like to express my apologies for having to remove your access.  Hopefully, some good came of the information placed on the web, and we'll all be anxiously awaiting the outcome of the May elections.

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Last modified Sunday, August 12, 2007 08:16:17 PM