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Old Age

Old age started catching up with Tiffany when she started having problems walking after sleeping.  The doctors diagnosed her with arthritis (I'm sure none of us can relate -- yeah right!), and prescribed something called Glyco Flex.  It is made of 'New Zealand blue lipped mussel'.  I don't know what those New Zealand mussels have, but it seemed to work.  As long as she was on this, she seemed to have no problems with stiff joints.

Bumps on her body were another problem.  She'd developed a number of small bumps that would sometimes bleed when she got groomed.  She also had a few larger bumps, one of which turned out to be a sarcoma (which I think is a precursor to a cancer) which the doctor removed.  She developed a couple more of these large bumps over the years, but the doctors removed them with no resulting problems.

When doing the blood tests for one of these bump-ectomies, the doctor noticed that her liver enzymes were way off.  They were supposed to be in the 200 range, but they were up around 2500!  This led us to a couple years of testing and observation, but she never seemed to be adversely affected by the imbalance, and with steroid treatment, they came down, but never quite returned to normal.

Cataracts were another problem that she developed.  Her eyes were becoming very cloudy, and toward the end, she had a lot of trouble seeing her treats, or even where I was on some of our walks.

As if the eyesight wasn't bad enough, she also started losing her hearing the last year.  Poor girl-- I felt really sorry for her when she couldn't hear or see that we were trying to give her some treats.

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Old Age

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