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From our 2002 Christmas party.  Gary was called up to Canada to help out a customer, and Austin was coming down with the Flu, so no Coopers.  Lauren had an ice skating exhibition and Craig thought the party was next week, so No McConnells either!  Terry and Bob brought their twins, and Terrie and Clifford brought their grandkids, so there were lots of little ones running around.

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If you click on a picture above, you'll get the larger version (about 800x600).  Then, use your browser's BACK button to get back to this page.  The original photos are about 1900x1600.  If anyone wants the larger photo, drop me an email at steve@guydon.com or steve@steve.nelson.name and let me know which photo you want, and I'll email it to you.

Merry Christmas to all.


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