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09-11-2001 Information Page

This page is devoted to my collection of information and photos gathered regarding the attack on America that occurred on the 11th of September 2001.

I'm still in shock as is most of the world I'm sure of the events of September 11th 2001.  Now, I'll remember two dates that are etched in my memory as to where I was; November 23, 1963, and September 11, 2001. 

Here are some photos that I've picked up over the web.  Note that I haven't re-sized any of the photos to 800x600.  Sorry it takes so long to load the page, but I've got a LOT of photos that I've collected, and I'm constantly adding more.

9-11-2001 a collection of photos that I've collected.

Budweiser's Tribute commercial (aired only once during the 2002 SuperBowl)

Anti-Bin Laden pictures/drawings and stuff self explainatory.

lee_greenwood_god_bless_the_usa.wav the song.

Here's another tribute that I found...it starts up right away.
2 (starts right away)

TRIBUTE3 (some delay)  Another touching Tribute.

Flag Poem : Shamelessly lifted from the KRLD radio site, here is a poem about our attitudes to Old Glory.

First Hand Account : Another shamelessly copied article from KRLD.  This one is a  somewhat graphic, first hand account of someone who was in NYC on that fateful day, and some of the gory details of what he saw and experienced.

NYT Story of the hijacking : This article from the New York Times details the story from the air traffic controllers.

Flight Transcripts:
    Flight 11 Crashed into WTC-From NYT
    Flight 77 Crashed into Pentagon-From NYT
    Flight 175 Crashed into WTC-From NYT
    Delta Flight 15 I haven't verified this one, but it's the story of an international flight that was in progress when it was instructed to land at the earliest possible time.

Cross found in Wreckage

Bert (of Bert & Ernie fame) with Bin Laden? This is strange!

Desk Flag A nice little patriotic item.  It places a waving American flag in the lower right corner of your desktop (above the time in the System Tray).  Here's a Screenshot.

September 11 2001 Archives The Library of Congress and Archive.org have put together an archive of 9-11 information gathered from around the globe.  It's a lot of information, and can be time consuming to search for a particular piece of information, but it looks like all the information you'd want is in here somewhere.

Dear Friends,
I have just read and signed the online petition: "National Firefighter's Day" hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition service, at:
I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.
Best wishes,
Steve Nelson

Link to view the Bin-Laden video --Not online at this site anymore.
Transcript of Bin-Laden video
-- what more evidence does anyone need?

Enduring Freedom Powerpoint Photo Presentation.

US Flag Tribute Very nice! (I hope this link stays up for quite a while) 
Up a level are a lot more tributes.

Tribute to the lost.  A touching and tear jerking tribute to the people who were lost in the Trade Center, Pentagon, and the airplanes.

Poetry by kids about their feelings from 9/11.

A touching and disturbing (photos of people falling from the towers)  tribute to 9-11 (Note: this downloads about 7 Meg for the tribute, so if you're on a dialup connection, I wouldn't recommend it!)

Sunrise between the Twin Towers!  I got this image in an email from my Dad...it's truly awesome!

London Daily Mirror editorial... heartwarming!

Wonderful  Budweiser Ad...Found this on the web, and I don't know how long it'll be up there, but it brought tears to my eyes.

COOL video of an 'Angel Decoy' -- flares dropped by a C-130 to fool heat seeking missles.

NightShift on an Aircraft Carier (PowerPoint presentation).


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